Comedy or Tragedy?

Politics! Generally a prefix ‘dirty’ is added to this word. But since few days the politics in Maharashtra has turned out to be quite funny. There were elections as usual and everyone knew eventually what was gonna happen, but providing the citizens were bored and everyone went to work, school, colleges, everything was very monotonous, the formation of the government took a different turn. Those who were supposed to come into power didn’t get the chance to do so and someone else who had no chances were suddenly thrown into the spotlight. Those who had promised to be there for each other through thick and thin betrayed the other when they found someone else with whom they had better prospects, just like present day teenage relationships. The statements made by them are nothing less than that of a stand-up comedian. Amidst this tug-of-war someone else took control and the warring groups haven’t yet decided whom they really want to be with. All this is very nerve wrecking for those who are involved in this but the real fun is experienced by the citizens and the young people (including me) who have suddenly shifted from Netflix to news to witness the thrilling series of events taking place. I don’t know if we should worry about this or just wait for things to fall in place, but politics went from being boring to exciting thing very fast. We did not see this coming at all !!!


Goodbye, how ironic, isn’t it? Even though the word has ‘good’ in it, it is not good at all good. I don’t know why but goodbyes are one of the most painful and saddening things I’ve ever experienced.


Goodbyes have always left me torn between being happy as it was a great time with them or being sad because now they are leaving. When I was small, whenever my cousins or my dear ones came home, my first question to them was when they will go. This was because I didn’t want that day to arrive at all. I hated to say goodbye to them, sometimes I even used to cry. And that was the most painful thing.


Now when I grew up, goodbyes became a less harsh because I just got used to them after some time. But this does not mean that it is easy to say goodbye even now.


That realisation, when it hits you that you’ll never live this moment again is the worst.

When I left the school, it struck to me that the time I spent in school, the people I met daily even though they were not my bestest friends, the fun I had, everything, will never come back no matter what happens. The same is happening now when I have to bid adieu to my college, my classes where I used to go daily for hours, to the people I used to meet daily. Everything will come to a stop. I know eventually I’ll move on, but still the goodbye is the hardest. This will never be the same, and I’d miss this.


I don’t know if this happens with everyone or it’s just me, but believe me goodbyes are the saddest when you know that things will never be the same.


But as usual everyone has to move on and focus on the road ahead rather than looking back.


Someone has said that “Every night comes with a promise of a new dawn

Don’t fit in.

Everthought that you always lie in the middle..?? like not on either sides, because you are balanced or just the options are not for you..??

This happens when you are more or less belonging to both the sides and you don’t really fit in. The real tiff starts now. You realise that you don’t fit in, and eventually we tend to think that we are not like others, we are different and we perceive it as a negative feature. But actually it is opposite, infact it is the best thing anyone can ever feel ..’NOT FITTING IN’

I know this may sound very weird and maybe stupid but in reality we are not made to fit in. Every person has his own qualities, his own aura, his own personality which defines him and seperates him from the other beings. But it is a common mindset of society that everyone should be same and hence everyone tries to be like someone else.

We feel different because all others are same.

Everyone wants to be noticed but no one wants to be different. Always the odd one catches our eye, always the shiny object reflects more light in a heap, always the mismatched one grabs our attention. So be the odd one, be the shiny object, mismatch and wear it like Sherlock Holmes wears his coat, full of grit.

Like our thumbprints we all are made unique. Joining the bandwagon is just a choice made by us due to undue pressure by society and the world which wants us to be like everyone else dissolving our unique thoughts and ideas. Now its time to listen to your thoughts because they are what make you an amazing human, they are who push you to take your decisions, they will guide you when no one will. Your thoughts are gold, they never perish, they only shine. Your thoughts are not made to match anyone else’s.

If you don’t fit in then you are in the right place”

“You are made to stand out baby not fit in”

Slow down

We are so stuck in this monotonous life that right from birth we are running after some or the other thing. Running in this rat race and winning is the aim of every second person. We try to get ahead of someone so much that most often we forget for what we are running and end up going nowhere

For a person like me wandering anywhere in dense forests, or at the half ruined and half magnificent fort, near a flowing river, at a dark cave covered with thick curtain of greens is just a wish to be completed after completing what we are running after. Interestingly we never seem to complete our race because it is a never ending cycle of being perfect in someone else’s eye. Because we always want to be better than others, we want to achieve more than others.

Actually its not our fault because we are made to think like this since childhood. In school we are made to study so that we can top the class but the thing is we should be made to study so that we can know how things work. We are always taught that studying is the only option, but in reality having knowledge is the only option. Having skills to put your study into work is the only option.

This does not mean that we should not study or we should not be competitive, infact we should be competitive but we should know where we are going, what is our destination, even if you don’t know the destination you should atleast know your track rather than just running towards something.

And also this journey should be more like a traveling kind of journey where we peep out of the window and let the cool breeze pass through our hair and the mellow sunshine shining on our cheeks and and warmth in the atmosphere cuddling us rather than the hectic one where we worry about how to reach, when will we reach, what should be the next thing to do and all those anxious thoughts. Because worrying will not fasten the speed nor it’ll solve problems. So better enjoy the journey.

Can we try to reduce our speed in this race so that we can fuel our happiness, passion, joys and then start again with more enthusiasm and more energy which will probably take you closer to your ultimate goal.??

Dream Big, Think Big.

I was born to fly not walk, to dream not live, I was born for real things which are out of reach of everyone (atleast I think so).

Sometimes when this world clutches me in its burning wings..I feel like running away into woods or deep jungle without any money and intentions just like Chris did in INTO THE WILD.

I have thoughts which are beyond everyone’s thinking capacity. I just get lost deep into my thoughts where no sane person can enter and even if it enters it can’t reach till the core of my thoughts.

I always think that why are we put in this world like we keep pawns in chess , because I know there is an obvious reason for this. Human race is not just for inventing things and then inventing more things to avoid misuse of previous things. We are born for more big things rather than to just live and die unnoticed.

Have you not ever wondered that what is beyond this whole solar system…I mean where this all ends..? Everything has an end and this too has. And what is beyond that end. I have this question since I was 12. Even now I don’t have answer for this.

What if earth never existed…then obviously there would never be human race nor any animals….then who created this..who created all the stars and planets…. what will remain if all humans die…what is the purpose of all these things.??

This piece of writing is specially for people like me…for them to know that they are not alone and there is someone in some corner of the world who thinks same as they think….

Why ?

Why can’t just live this life fully without any commitment ?

Why there is so exaggeration about mere things in life ?

Why can’t we just sit and watch sunset and say that we really enjoyed it ?

Why every invention has to be made use of ? (We can throw our mobile in the sea… anytime we want…but why we don’t ?..)

Why can’t people talk about really good things and intellectual talks are extinct maybe ?

Why small talks have devoured the world like a hungry beast ?

Why don’t people talk about big things like mission, upcoming revolution, alien invasion, human instincts, and many more ?

When two people love each other then why they have to marry or be in the chains of deadly commitments ?

Why can’t we love someone even when we are told not to or when its not possible ( For Indian society its literally illegal) ?

Why can’t we find people of our type our someone who can understand what’s going in our minds and still not label us crazy ?

Why doesn’t someone fall in love with our personality ?

Why we have to wear a mask always when we step out.. sometimes even when we are inside ?

Why can’t we choose to be simple rather than constantly trying to show or impress someone ?

Why can’t we just earn and travel the world with our near and dear ones ?

Why settling in life has only one definition ?

Why can’t we express our anger like waves of sea splash at a rock without any worries ?

Why we have to praise or compliment someone just because we have to ?

If we are asked for our opinion why can’t we freely say that – it’s looking like crap please change it ?

Why we can never understand human mind ?