Why ?

Why can’t just live this life fully without any commitment ?

Why there is so exaggeration about mere things in life ?

Why can’t we just sit and watch sunset and say that we really enjoyed it ?

Why every invention has to be made use of ? (We can throw our mobile in the sea… anytime we want…but why we don’t ?..)

Why can’t people talk about really good things and intellectual talks are extinct maybe ?

Why small talks have devoured the world like a hungry beast ?

Why don’t people talk about big things like mission, upcoming revolution, alien invasion, human instincts, and many more ?

When two people love each other then why they have to marry or be in the chains of deadly commitments ?

Why can’t we love someone even when we are told not to or when its not possible ( For Indian society its literally illegal) ?

Why can’t we find people of our type our someone who can understand what’s going in our minds and still not label us crazy ?

Why doesn’t someone fall in love with our personality ?

Why we have to wear a mask always when we step out.. sometimes even when we are inside ?

Why can’t we choose to be simple rather than constantly trying to show or impress someone ?

Why can’t we just earn and travel the world with our near and dear ones ?

Why settling in life has only one definition ?

Why can’t we express our anger like waves of sea splash at a rock without any worries ?

Why we have to praise or compliment someone just because we have to ?

If we are asked for our opinion why can’t we freely say that – it’s looking like crap please change it ?

Why we can never understand human mind ?

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