Slow down

We are so stuck in this monotonous life that right from birth we are running after some or the other thing. Running in this rat race and winning is the aim of every second person. We try to get ahead of someone so much that most often we forget for what we are running and end up going nowhere

For a person like me wandering anywhere in dense forests, or at the half ruined and half magnificent fort, near a flowing river, at a dark cave covered with thick curtain of greens is just a wish to be completed after completing what we are running after. Interestingly we never seem to complete our race because it is a never ending cycle of being perfect in someone else’s eye. Because we always want to be better than others, we want to achieve more than others.

Actually its not our fault because we are made to think like this since childhood. In school we are made to study so that we can top the class but the thing is we should be made to study so that we can know how things work. We are always taught that studying is the only option, but in reality having knowledge is the only option. Having skills to put your study into work is the only option.

This does not mean that we should not study or we should not be competitive, infact we should be competitive but we should know where we are going, what is our destination, even if you don’t know the destination you should atleast know your track rather than just running towards something.

And also this journey should be more like a traveling kind of journey where we peep out of the window and let the cool breeze pass through our hair and the mellow sunshine shining on our cheeks and and warmth in the atmosphere cuddling us rather than the hectic one where we worry about how to reach, when will we reach, what should be the next thing to do and all those anxious thoughts. Because worrying will not fasten the speed nor it’ll solve problems. So better enjoy the journey.

Can we try to reduce our speed in this race so that we can fuel our happiness, passion, joys and then start again with more enthusiasm and more energy which will probably take you closer to your ultimate goal.??

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