Don’t fit in.

Everthought that you always lie in the middle..?? like not on either sides, because you are balanced or just the options are not for you..??

This happens when you are more or less belonging to both the sides and you don’t really fit in. The real tiff starts now. You realise that you don’t fit in, and eventually we tend to think that we are not like others, we are different and we perceive it as a negative feature. But actually it is opposite, infact it is the best thing anyone can ever feel ..’NOT FITTING IN’

I know this may sound very weird and maybe stupid but in reality we are not made to fit in. Every person has his own qualities, his own aura, his own personality which defines him and seperates him from the other beings. But it is a common mindset of society that everyone should be same and hence everyone tries to be like someone else.

We feel different because all others are same.

Everyone wants to be noticed but no one wants to be different. Always the odd one catches our eye, always the shiny object reflects more light in a heap, always the mismatched one grabs our attention. So be the odd one, be the shiny object, mismatch and wear it like Sherlock Holmes wears his coat, full of grit.

Like our thumbprints we all are made unique. Joining the bandwagon is just a choice made by us due to undue pressure by society and the world which wants us to be like everyone else dissolving our unique thoughts and ideas. Now its time to listen to your thoughts because they are what make you an amazing human, they are who push you to take your decisions, they will guide you when no one will. Your thoughts are gold, they never perish, they only shine. Your thoughts are not made to match anyone else’s.

If you don’t fit in then you are in the right place”

“You are made to stand out baby not fit in”

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