Goodbye, how ironic, isn’t it? Even though the word has ‘good’ in it, it is not good at all good. I don’t know why but goodbyes are one of the most painful and saddening things I’ve ever experienced.


Goodbyes have always left me torn between being happy as it was a great time with them or being sad because now they are leaving. When I was small, whenever my cousins or my dear ones came home, my first question to them was when they will go. This was because I didn’t want that day to arrive at all. I hated to say goodbye to them, sometimes I even used to cry. And that was the most painful thing.


Now when I grew up, goodbyes became a less harsh because I just got used to them after some time. But this does not mean that it is easy to say goodbye even now.


That realisation, when it hits you that you’ll never live this moment again is the worst.

When I left the school, it struck to me that the time I spent in school, the people I met daily even though they were not my bestest friends, the fun I had, everything, will never come back no matter what happens. The same is happening now when I have to bid adieu to my college, my classes where I used to go daily for hours, to the people I used to meet daily. Everything will come to a stop. I know eventually I’ll move on, but still the goodbye is the hardest. This will never be the same, and I’d miss this.


I don’t know if this happens with everyone or it’s just me, but believe me goodbyes are the saddest when you know that things will never be the same.


But as usual everyone has to move on and focus on the road ahead rather than looking back.


Someone has said that “Every night comes with a promise of a new dawn

7 Replies to “Goodbye”

  1. So true !!!!!
    I can relate to the part of asking guests when they will leave. It was kind of cute yet offensive. I got warning that I shouldn’t ask them like that ๐Ÿ˜…
    But yeah, goobyes have nothing good in them except the past memories.


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