Comedy or Tragedy?

Politics! Generally a prefix ‘dirty’ is added to this word. But since few days the politics in Maharashtra has turned out to be quite funny. There were elections as usual and everyone knew eventually what was gonna happen, but providing the citizens were bored and everyone went to work, school, colleges, everything was very monotonous, the formation of the government took a different turn. Those who were supposed to come into power didn’t get the chance to do so and someone else who had no chances were suddenly thrown into the spotlight. Those who had promised to be there for each other through thick and thin betrayed the other when they found someone else with whom they had better prospects, just like present day teenage relationships. The statements made by them are nothing less than that of a stand-up comedian. Amidst this tug-of-war someone else took control and the warring groups haven’t yet decided whom they really want to be with. All this is very nerve wrecking for those who are involved in this but the real fun is experienced by the citizens and the young people (including me) who have suddenly shifted from Netflix to news to witness the thrilling series of events taking place. I don’t know if we should worry about this or just wait for things to fall in place, but politics went from being boring to exciting thing very fast. We did not see this coming at all !!!

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